Services Offered

Dr. Von Feldt thrives on providing education for professionals, students and clients. He offers customized workshops in person and through webinars in the Bay Area and throughout the United States. If you do not see a subject on the lists below, please contact him directly to discuss your requests. In addition, Dr. Von Feldt also offers professional consultation services for students in training, and licensed clinicians.

Current Didactic Trainings on the following topics:

  • Marijuana Addiction and Family Medicine
  • Assessing and Treating Patients with PTSD and Trauma
  • Sexual Identity Confusion in Teens and Adults
  • Understanding the 12 steps and Life Ring and How to Get Connected
  • Addictive Thinking and the Disease Model
  • Marijuana and the Effect on Teen and Adult Minds
  • Mindfulness Approaches to Dealing with Stress.
  • Harm Reduction, Is This My Path?
  • Grounding and Centering In Recovery

Consultation Services

Dr. Von Feldt provides general psychological consultations and offers expertise in the area of addiction, interventions and prevention.