Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Von Feldt believes that therapy begins with a strong therapist-client connection, clear achievable goals, and an openness to change. And because each client is unique, Dr. Von Feldt creates an individualized road map formulated from the problem at hand and the capabilities and each client. Best results occur when clients are able to harness their own strengths and inner resources and apply them to the problem.

Dr. Von Feldt's education and training in evidenced-based psychology like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, strength-based approaches such as Positive Psychology, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Addiction-focused treatments informs his decisions to provide the most effective and useful plan.


Dr. Von Feldt provides therapy for individuals, couples and families. He has experience and training working with: addiction and recovery, prevention of addiction, addiction interventions, anxiety, depression, codependency, sexual identity issues, trauma and grief, and job dissatisfaction.