Contact Information

Feel free to contact Dr. Von Feldt either by phone at 707.596.5161 or send him an email at: richard@drvonfeldt.com. Dr. Von Feldt's private practice is in Santa Rosa, California but he has patients all around the Bay Area and beyond and he teaches nationally. Currently his private practice is web-based due to COVID but he will be opening his office again soon.

Dr. Von Feldt understands that choosing a psychologist can be a confusing and tricky task. To ensure you find the right fit, Dr. Von Feldt offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your reasons and expectations for seeking therapy, and answer questions you may have about his approach. 


Dr. Von Feldt does not participate in any insurance plans. To request information regarding his fees, please contact him directly as the price varies depending on the service or project provided.