Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task, especially when you're currently dealing with challenging obstacles in life. You need someone you can trust, feel safe with, and be confident they can assist you as you walk down the path of healing. If you are seeking individual, couples, or family therapy, then this could be the path for you.

Dr. Von Feldt's practice offers a welcoming and safe environment that encourages clients to feel at home in their journey towards feeling better. Through his friendly attitude, warm character and good sense of humor, Dr. Von Feldt fosters a sense of ease that helps clients focus on the changes they want to make. Dr. Von Feldt helps clients by meeting them where they are in their struggle and helping them create a vision for how to meet their goals.

Rather then using a single methodology, Dr. Von Feldt draws from a variety of scientifically-validated approaches that best match the client's needs. This individualized care improves client's overall outcomes and satisfaction in therapy. In addition, Dr. Von Feldt values research and utilizing the most current treatments that will help his clients achieve their goals.

In this website, you'll find more information about Dr. Von Feldt's approach, his areas of expertise, and how to contact him.